About me

Contact info:

  • Name: Andreas Heldal-Lund
  • Address: Postboks 131, N-4098 Tananger, Norway
  • E-mail: spirous@gmail.com
  • Phone: (+47) 90 04 32 99
Guy born in Oslo the 10th of December 1964. Have been living in Stavanger, Rogaland county (on the south west coast of Norway) since 1985. Work related facts can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

I enjoy using my creative sides, by drawing or writing.

A busy life have forced me to cut down on many 'Net temptations. Nowadays you seldom find me on IRC, but if I drop by the nick is Spirous. Browsing and newsgroups and gaping through my movie collection steals many of my nights. I dream about exploring the world one day. Even though I am single for the moment, I haven't lost hope........... yet........ :-)

On multiple boards of Human-Etisk Forbund in Norway (national secular ethical and humanist organisation). A definition of me could be: a skeptical atheistic freethinking pacifistic positive engaged and tolerant heathen who bases his life on modern secular humanism. I hope others have room for my opinions, like I have room for theirs. Love debating.

Have this fantasy that my existence on this planet actually does make a difference. Try my best to be socially aware and act responsibly. I started the web site Operation Clambake in 1996 to reveal the truth about the "Church" of Scientology.

Music means a lot to me, without it I would definitely only have half a life. Like most things from rock to classic, as long as it has a good tune. Everybody collects something, I "collect" cartoons and movies. Some of my favourites cartoons are Spirous by Franquin, Tintin by Herge, Milo Manara, Dany, Watterson and others. Like reading books (see my recommendations), but I don't get much time to do it.

This should give you some idea of me, if you still want more information you (must be crazy...) could check my old Journal or even write a mail.